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Questions for anyone promoting reducing coverage in the field as a solution to budget cuts PDF
Thursday, 09 August 2012
It is unknown if Aguilar intends to travel to other sectors in an attempt to convince more Border Patrol agents to agree with his statements that the borders are safe and encourage them to willingly accept a reduction in pay. It is also unknown if Aguilar understands the hypocrisy of wasting critical tax dollars to travel in a Blackhawk helicopter instead of a government-owned vehicle to discuss budget cuts and the brilliant decision to fix the budget shortfalls in CBP by reducing the number of agents in the field, which will result in agents losing up to 32% of their pay.
If Aguilar does appear in your sector or another representative of management promotes any measure to reduce AUO and ultimately the number of agents in the field, the NBPC has provided some questions below to help with the discussion. In addition, the NBPC requests members to send the following information back to the NBPC to be considered for posting to the website:

1. The date the question was asked;

2. The name, title, and duty location of the management official who was asked the question;

3. The question asked; and

4. The response provided; when possible, include exact quotes.

The NBPC will review the information and consider it for publication to the website so agents can compare and contrast the variety of responses; and those in Congress can see hypocrisy in action and how some political appointees and management officials in CBP and Border Patrol exemplify the CBP core value of "integrity."

1. When will the Border Patrol begin reducing AUO for Border Patrol agents and what sectors/stations will be affected?

2. What measures are being considered in order to reduce AUO?

3. Did the Border Patrol hire more agents than necessary to protect the border? If yes, why?

4. Is the Border Patrol putting the budget before border security? If no, then why is the Border Patrol implementing measures that reduce the overall number of agents in the field (e.g. reducing/eliminating AUO, doubling-up agents to avoid fuel costs, and using less vehicles for patrol)?

5. In Nogales, Aguilar said FLSA will be monitored. However, if AUO is reduced, doesn't FLSA automatically reduce also?

6. List all of the occupations in CBP that will receive a pay cut of up to 32% like the plan proposed for Border Patrol agents.

7. Why is Border Patrol increasing the salaries of high-level management positions if there are budget shortfalls?

8. Why are so many high-level positions being created with the new chain of command structure if there are budget shortfalls?

9. Why is the Border Patrol wasting taxpayer money to needlessly change the titles of the positions in the chain of command if there are budget shortfalls?

10. How and why did the Border Patrol hire a former mission support secretary as a division chief? By this action, isn't the Border Patrol proving that the division chief position is an unnecessary waste and a glorified, overpaid secretary?

11. Why does the average labor-employee relations specialist earn the same or higher grade as Border Patrol agents? Are they also eligible to be hired as a division chief position?

12. The budget shortfalls have resulted in sectors taking drastic measures to cut funding in many areas. Yet, Aguilar used a CBP Blackhawk to shuttle him around the Tucson Sector instead of a GOV. What's the average hourly cost of operating a CBP Blackhawk and how does that compare to the cost of driving a GOV?

13. Do OBP HQ’s chiefs, deputies, and sector chiefs still have adjutants assigned to them? If yes, are they still GS-12 or higher employees? If yes, how does the agency justify assigning a GS-12 or higher to serve as a secretary/chauffeur instead of using a GS-7 or lower grade mission support employee?

14. Does the Border Patrol intend to continue wasting taxpayer money on change of command ceremonies? If yes, what's the average cost of these ceremonies, including travel costs related for the various management officials who attend these ceremonies?

15. Out of the over 200 employees assigned to OBP, how many are associate chiefs, assistant chiefs, or higher grade positions? How many of the employees assigned to OBP are on detail there? What is the average cost of detail for employees assigned there? Do employees assigned to OBP earn AUO? If yes, what positions qualify for AUO and what duties do they perform?

16. What management positions qualify for AUO and what duties do they perform during AUO hours in order to be eligible for AUO?

17. Why does Aguilar receive a full security detail of agents as if he is some sort of dignitary entitled to presidential-type protection? Does this “protection” extend to his off-duty time as well? And who is he being “protected” from? What are the overall costs of this detail?

18. Why are other agencies offering early retirement buyouts to address budget cuts, while Border Patrol opted for reducing agents' pay? Is this how the Border Patrol expects to reduce the workforce?
Above are just some suggestions. Please remember, if you ask Aguilar these questions, he does not like to be questioned and most likely will become irate or attempt to embarrass you if he thinks you are challenging his supremacy. So, if you plan to ask Aguilar, be prepared for what may follow.

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